‘Jersey Shore’ Delayed Again…I Guess Italy REALLY Doesn’t Want Snooki Around…

Ya know when you’re going on a vacation, and so many things go wrong, that you think it might have been better to just stay home…?  Yeah, I wonder if that’s how MTV feels right now…

According to RadarOnline, the city of Florence has revoked “Jersey Shore””s permits to film at several historical landmarks in the city, including the Uffizi gallery and Palazzo Vecchio.

Several cast members, including The Situation and Pauly D were filmed, bags packed and ready to roll, at the airport last week but MTV told them they’d have to wait until the show figures out a plan.

The season was first delayed when some cast members held out for higher paychecks.  Then it was delayed again when Florence banned the group from being filmed drinking or partying publicly in the city.

Want to take bets on what will happen next…?

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