Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Know Prince William…But He Pretended to When He Got to Hollywood!

So what is the right way to move up the ladder in Hollywood?  Well, if you’re Robert Pattinson, I guess lying works pretty well…

According to UsMagazine, Edward Cullen, himself, had some problems with work when he first came to Los Angeles, and told the audience of the BBC’s ‘The Graham Norton Show’ last week what trick he used to make a name for himself:

“When I first came to L.A., it was very easy to convince people I was a member of the royal family. I hadn’t worked for three years — I was unemployed in London — and when people asked what I’d been doing, I told people I went to RADA [Royal Academy of Dramatic Art] with Prince William…People would think, ‘You’re English, I completely believe you!'”

He may be a glittery-vampire, but he is smart…

Watch part of Pattinson’s interview, with WATER FOR ELEPHANTS co-star Reese Witherspoon, right here.

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