Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Reveal Twins’ Names! (One’s Named After a Room…)

Choo Choo!  Next stop on the Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon express!

We got the pregnancy.  We got the belly.  We got the false alarms.  We even got the naked pics.  And finally, we have the names.

On Ms. Mariah’s blog (via Us Magazine, the singer revealed that the name of her baby girl is Monroe Cannon, named after legendary actress Marilyn Monroe.  And the baby boy?  Well, he’s named Moroccan Scott Cannon, after the top floor of Carey’s New York City apartment (which is called the ‘Moroccan Room’).

To give the room some meaning, it is where Nick Cannon proposed to Carey back in 2008. (Also just a thought…where he was conceived?  *cough*)

Now we look forward to the next twitter update…and as soon as it happens, we will obviously let you know…

Mariah Carey Has FINALLY Had Her Twins!

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