POP Video: Weird “Kissing” Machine Goes Viral.

 The video of this french kissing machine has gone viral. It’s being developed at The University of Electro-Communications – and it’s creepy. Here’s how it works: You put one end of this crazy contraption in your mouth, moving your tongue around and fiddling with the projectile thingy… and that recreates the same motion in another contraption that is in the other person’s mouth. (And vice versa, I guess.) During this subtitled video, he explains that you could have a ‘celebrity’ use the  machine, have a computer record the data, and then people could have the sensation of kissing that celebrity. I guess everyone’s tongue kissing is like a fingerprint, or something… uniquely different. I guess. In any case, it’s spreading like wildfire. If y0u’re looking for an “Add to Cart” button – don’t … it’s still in the early stages of development. Valuable research dollars at work!

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