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INSPIRING VIDEO: A Designer’s Trip To South Africa Could Change The Way You Shop.

What if you could buy a handcrafted piece of art, knowing that it would actually benefit the person that made it? Many big businesses simply copy and mass produce the centuries-old craftmanship found in the art of distant cultures. But when a designer travelled to South Africa to meet the women handcrafting home accessories with barely a profit, she decided to do something.

VIDEO: Why This eHow To Cook Bacon Perfectly Video Is Going Viral.

Why? Because it’s pretty brilliant. You may never cook bacon the same way again. We don’t go posting videos about how to cook bacon every day, you know. (It isn’t the most gorgeous thing to look at on our homepage.) Still – we’re giving this method a go for Saturday’s breakfast.

HEARTWARMING & INSPIRING VIDEO: Sick Children and Seattle Hospital Workers Perform Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.”

The brave children and dedicated staffers on the hemoncology floor of Seattle Children’s Hospital recently performed a lipdub of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.” Instantly moving, I cried within 10 seconds.