POP Viral Video: Man Discovering Escalator For The First Time Is Oddly Heartwarming.

Remember this – each one of us have tried something for the first time that now seems completely commonplace. There’s something beautiful about those moments!

While it might initially seem a little comical that this Papua New Guinea man is completely perplexed, awestruck, and slightly freaked out by an escalator, it’s actually pretty endearing to see how it unfolds. First, taking it all in, watching as others ‘climb aboard’ and then getting help from the strangers around him… (with a little hesitation.) I have to wonder if he knows that video of this whole moment has become a viral sensation.

It’s a nice reminder that people are innately good and helpful. That even the most commonplace thing to us can be intriguing and beautiful to another. Let’s also not diminish that now this man has a new world of shopping opportunities!

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