Cupcake Bombs! Great Britain Swaps al Qaeda Bomb Instructions with Cupcake Recipes!

Okay, so this is just awesome!  Forget finding al Qaeda, forget hunting them down…let’s just overload them with cupcake recipes!

The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday that Great Britain’s MI6 division (Secret Service) gained access to the website for a magazine affiliated with al Qaeda.  With this access, they came across an article meant to teach lone wolf terrorists how to make bombs in their own house.

They swapped out the instructions for assembling pipe bombs with a web page for cupcake recipes promoted by “Ellen.”

Yup!  Downloading the first issue around last June only provided readers with directions for making such amazing sugary delicacies as the Mojito Cupcake and the Rocky Road Cupcake!

I can just see the terrorist now…”Okay, what do I need to make a pipe bomb…?  I have my half pound of flour, sugar, and I bought an oven off the black market…I’m confused as to where the explosives come in, but it should work!”

All I can say is Yay!  😀

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