JK Rowling Gets Richer With Thank You Gifts from Warner Bros

JK Rowling has created the most profitable franchise in recent memory, making a lot of people some serious dough.  And with that comes a few perks.

According to TMZ, Warner Bros, the studio that released all the HARRY POTTER films, wanted to show their thanks to Rowling for their cash cow over the past decade.  Sources close to CEO Barry Meyer tell the site that at the London premiere after-party, Rowling was given a white gold, antique 40-diamond bracelet worth millions of dollars.

So far, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART II has grossed more than half-a-billion dollars worldwide on its own.

And my watch cost $45 from the nearest Macys…

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  • If there is an another part of harry potter…….?

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