There Are Two David Hasselhoffs? Kinda. Not Really.

A 27 year old guy in Texas has been living the glamorous life – sharing the same name as David Hasselhoff. (kinda.) Now he’s swapping lives with the real deal on the CBS show “Same Name.”

Seems that the show’s producers were eager to get a person who had the same name as the Baywatch star, so they turned a blind eye to the computer technician when he pointed out the different pronunciation and spelling.

Granted, it’s pretty close! According to the NY Post’s Sean Daly, David Haseloff — note the one less “s” and “h” — says “We pronounce it Hasel-off” – but that hasn’t stopped him from capitalizing on the notoriety of the name:

“Haseloff concedes sometimes stretching the facts about his identity — even posing as the actor’s son to gain admittance to parties and nightclubs.”

Can you picture that moment behind the velvet rope? The family resemblance is obvious! 😉

Same Name debuts July 24th on CBS.

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