Are Bert and Ernie Getting Married? A Huge Petition Wants It to Happen…

For years, viewers have wondered about Bert and Ernie, the lovable “Sesame Street” best friends…or more?

Well now, an online petition is being passed around the internet, saying that Bert and Ernie are gay, and should be allowed to be married.

Illinois resident Lair Scott posted the petition on last week, and so far, it has gotten more than 1,000 signatures.  The petition’s Facebook page states,

“If done tastefully, this would greatly help put an end to the bullying and suicides of LGBT youth…Sesame Street should recognize that there are LGBT relationships, families, and include them in their show.”

According to Time Newsfeed, opponents of the petition say that marrying Bert and Ernie could confuse children or be too political for a children’s program.  There’s also the detail that none of the other muppets are married or in romantic relationships.

A spokesman for Sesame Workshop confirmed that idea of no relationships in a statement:

‘(Bert and Ernie) were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves…Even though the Sesame Street Muppets… possess many human traits and characteristics, they have no sexual orientation.’

So after all this, along with past incidents of Bert ‘coming out‘ on the show’s Twitter page, a video circulating to prove their homosexuality, and parody articles were written about the duo quietly coming out in favor of same-sex marriage, what do you think?  Is this an example of equal rights being suppressed, or are people just over thinking a children’s program?

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