Howard Stern Linked to SUPER 8 Movie Leak Online

Many of us have seen or heard of Bit Torrents, and how films are pirated online.  Well have you ever imagined a name like Howard Stern being involved in such a business?

According to WorstPreviews, an advance DVD screener of the J.J Abrams film, SUPER 8, has been released online.  Every screener is watermarked with the Paramount logo and the name of the person who received it for review. In this case, that person is Howard Stern.

The studio has already investigated and determined that Stern was not directly involved with the leak.  Stern and Abrams are apparently good friends, and not only did the director appear on Stern’s show to promote SUPER 8, but also gave Stern’s daughters a guest spot on his series “Felicity.”

Stern has given his own thoughts on the subject, suggesting that it may have been a disgruntled intern either at Paramount or in his offices who started the leak.  No exact answer are known at this moment, but I’m sure the two gentlemen will find out soon enough.

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