“Arrested Development” to Return Exclusively to Netflix

It is official: Netflix has some sort of life to it, and it is in the form of a little series called “Arrested Development”.

According to Variety, Netflix has signed a deal with 20th Century Fox Television to exclusively run the new episodes of “Arrested Development” in early 2013.

When the new episode run was announced almost two months ago, where the show would end up was still up in the air.  As we reported, Netflix, Hulu and Showtime seemed to be the front runners.

Rumors say that each new episode would follow one specific person in the Bluth family with minimal crossovers, so as to work within the schedules of the stars.  The film would then bring everyone together.

Congrats to all “Arrested Developement” fans.  Also, congrats to Netflix.  You live to fight another day!

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