POP Picks The Biggest, Best, Strangest and Funniest Viral Videos of 2011

They made us laugh, cry, shout, scream... and most of all, put off a lot of work we should have been doing at the time. Here are my picks for some of the funniest, best, worst, strangest, most visited, you get the idea... viral videos of 2011.

They made us laugh, cry, shout, scream… and most of all, put off a lot of work we should have been doing at the time. Here are my picks for some of the funniest, best, worst, strangest, most visited, you get the idea… viral videos of 2011.

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Baby Twins Talking

Sam and Ren McEntee are twins who, for all practical purposes, seem to be carrying on a remarkably passionate conversation while standing around in the kitchen. It has sparked countless people to speculate whether they’re really communicating – some even going to the trouble to subtitle their possible conversation! In just under a year it has gotten 56 million views.

Deaf Woman Hears For The First Time.

A wonderful example of the beauty of life, shared around the world. 9 million viewers have shared in a 29 year old woman’s joy as her hearing implant is activated for the first time. Prepare to choke up.

Ultimate Dog Tease

If dogs COULD talk, they would probably be just as frustrated as this one was when his owner toyed with his emotions. They’d also marvel at how this video has gotten more than 82 million views in less than a year. Clever, funny, and now the dog is the subject of his own facebook fan page!

Baby Laughs At Ripping Paper.

If only life stayed this vastly entertaining. But how can you not enjoy a baby’s hysterical giggles? 32 million views support my theory.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Before we hate on Rebecca Black, remember that even though this teen had big dreams, she likely had NO idea what she was getting into when she walked into the Ark Music Factory to make a music video for her birthday. She became a viral phenomenon as much for the vast number of those who hated the song as for those who liked it. The original upload of the video had more than 167 million views, and a record number of ‘dislikes.’ (3.1 million.) But it’s Black who is getting the last laugh. Cut to today … Black has seen the song remade on Glee, she’s co-starred in a Katy Perry music video, and she’s cut an album. Not too shabby for a pretty awful song as your springboard.

Singers Sounds A LOT Like Freddie Mercury, Lands Job As Freddie Mercury

Moving on to amazing voices… Marc Martel had a simple goal – enter a contest to be part of a Queen tribute band. So, he uploaded a video of himself singing “Somebody To Love.” Then web surfers (more than 5 million of them) got a look at his video and decided the similarities were uncanny. Martel landed a guest spot on Ellen, and in early December, a frontman spot on the Queen tribute tour he had wanted to be a part of all along.

Is That Antelope Driving A Car? Nope, Chuck Testa.

In what was one of the best locally made commercials of the year, Chuck Testa proved that just because you deal in the gross practice of stuffing dead animals to look alive again, doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor. In fact, it’s imperative.

Dog Fakes His Own Death

This video went nuts here on POP Goes The Week… The scene: Two Irish Setters playing – and one clearly has the higher energy level. Then, the other appears to just ‘play dead’. Very funny and cute.

Sophia Grace: An 8 year old girl sparks TWO Viral Videos:

With her 5-year-old “hype girl” cousin Rosie Grace McClelland by her side, this 8-year-old Brit gave an adorably spot-on performance of Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Bass.” Sure, nearly 28 million views would have been enough to call yourself a viral sensation – but the moment that Ellen DeGeneres invited her on the show and surprised her with Minaj herself then catapulted too! (All tolled, more than 35 million views of that priceless moment!) Take a look at both!

And, as promised, the Ellen appearance that stole the show:

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Blowing Your Nose Has Never Been So Hysterical

Why does this little baby named Emerson warrant nearly 28 million views? Because of the HILARIOUS reaction he gives to the sound of his mother blowing her noise…. only to break up in laughter.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Epic Halloween Prank

It was almost TOO genius for words. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel told parents to tell their kids that they had eaten all of their halloween candy – then videotape their reactions. The emotional, occasionally outright rude, selfish and nearly violent result is hysterical. No wonder it’s already gotten 26.5 million views since it debuted in early November.

Old Couples Trying To Use A Webcam

If there is anything we have apparently learned from technology, is that young people love to watch older people try to use it. There were not one but TWO viral videos of old couples trying to use a webcam. Here they are!

86-year-old Bruce Huffman and 79-year-old Esther Huffman of the Hillside Retirement Community in McMinnville, Oregon, recently bought their first laptop computer. When they tried to use their webcam for the first time after their granddaughter tried to explain it all, the video below became the result.

9 million plus views, people! Meanwhile, Rita and Frank try to take a still photo to email to friends for Frank’s 84th Birthday on their new Mac. It doesn’t go well. But it sure is funny.

Golden Voice Ted Williams Gets Noticed, Gets Work

Until this video hit the web, Ted Williams was just another homeless guy walking the streets of the Columbus, Ohio area. But through the power of the web and television, Williams was suddenly thrust into the public spotlight. With a few stumbles along the way, Williams has been working to conquer his demons, and has been getting steady work as a voiceover announcer since.

Nyan Cat: It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense.

It’s almost better if I don’t explain. Just know that this video has gotten more than 56 MILLION views since April, has spawned a line of shirts, a few different online video games, and countless imitators. And it all was born out of a sketch of a cat with a pop tart body.


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