Viral Videos

POP GOES WILD: Creepy Octopus Escape Goes Viral

The internet has christened this video "Octopus Houdini." Watch in wonder as an octopus makes a slow, creepy escape through a very small crack in the boat. The scary part is: if he can get OUT through something that small, he can also get IN through something that small.

VIRAL: Two Kids Playing With Crazy Cute Fennec Fox

The two kids are cute, but its the Fennec Fox that really steals the show. The creature is a nocturnal desert animal that sruvives the heat thanks to its oversized ears. It's also got a crazy personality. How is that Disney hasn't jumped on this for a feature film yet?

VIDEO: This Baby Can Do More Pullups Than Most Of Us

Jonas is somewhere around 10 months old. And yet - enticed by a cartoon playing on a desktop's computer screen, he manages to do more pull ups than many adults! I look forward to watching his infomercial and purchasing his workout videos.

VIDEO: iPhone’s “Siri” VS “Furby”

Keep in mind that 20 years ago if you said "iPhone's Siri VS Furby" no one would have known what the hell you were talking about. In this new viral video, talking toy Furby has a 'conversation' with the iPhone's voice recognition employing assistant Siri. At one point, the phone interprets something Furby says as "Kill her."

VIRAL VIDEO: Human Slingshot Looks Crazy, Scary, Fun.

This video of a human slingshot looks insane. Someone had to be the first person to try this out, and I'm sure glad it wasn't me. Watch as emotions run from pure terror to delight as riders are pulled back from bungees by an ATV until they just can't hold the person anymore, and they go flying through the air.