Viral Videos

ADORABLE VIDEO! Nicki Minaj Surprises Her Biggest (And Littlest) Fan On ELLEN!

Adorable Sophia Grace posted a video of herself rappin Minaj's "Super Bass" not long ago. It turns out she has a remarkable amount of sass and passion for such a little tyke! It went crazy viral. Ellen had her on, and surprised her with Nicki Minaj herself. The reaction is priceless! Check out the Ellen appearance, and below that, the video that prompted the whole thing!

Today’s Viral Video Terrifies, Intrigues Me.

Viral videos don't have to make sense. I say this, because clearly, some just don't. Behold one from the archives: A Kids Incorporated "music video" where a young girl sings "Say You, Say Me," with a terrifying clown pretty much stalking her throughout. A great video to send to someone you don't like or enjoy distracting. Use it carefully and wisely.

POP Goes The Week Viral Video Roundup!

This week, an update on Japan's favorite cat "Maru," an adorable couple named Rita and Frank who can't seem to take a picture with their webcam, a very funny woman whose "Sittin' On Tha Toilet" video has gotten 25 million views - and reflecting on why those women in the Neutrogena commercials always splash so much water around!