Betty White Too Embarassed To Meet Robert Redford. (But You Can Meet HER!)

Betty White explains why she never wants to meet Robert Redford... just as a new contest is launched where the winner gets to meet HER!

After a lifetime in show business, perhaps the most commonly asked question Betty White gets asked is, “Is there anything you haven’t done?!?” Her answer: Robert Redford.

That was all the prompting Access Hollywood needed when they sat down with Redford to share White’s often-used punchline. His response? “You tell Betty, She had her chance.” (I have no idea what he’s talking  about, but it’s cute.)

Cut back to Access Hollywood, who went back to Betty with his answer. She then shared how mortified she would be if she ever DID run into him.

“I don’t ever want to meet him,” says White. “I’d be so embarrassed! I’ve taken his name in vain so many times!”

Meanwhile, White herself has become the grand prize in a contest by The Lifeline Program. One lucky fan gets to meet America’s Golden Girl in Hollywood and be her guest at an L.A. photo shoot. Unlike Roberd Redford, she’ll probably be glad to see you.

Beginning March 12th, 2012, devotees can sign up through The Lifeline Program’s contest homepage or their Facebook contest page.

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