Disney Confirms What We All Expected: JOHN CARTER to Lose $200 Million

Disney has just released a statement saying that they are still going to lose major bank on the film

It was reported a few months ago that JOHN CARTER would have to make $700 Million to warrant a sequel.  Everyone (including myself) was laughing, expecting a complete turd of a film, and a box office disaster to go with it. Then, since Superbowl, Disney did something amazing.  It upped it’s advertising campaign.  Reviews came out and they were raving.  People became curious.  And within it’s first ten days, JOHN CARTER grossed a total of $184 million worldwide.

While that is nowhere near the flop that most were expecting, with a budget of $250 Million (not including marketing), Disney has just released a statement saying that they are still going to lose major bank on the film, around the post of $200 Million:

“In light of the theatrical performance of John Carter ($184 million global box office), we expect the film to generate an operating loss of approximately $200 million during our second fiscal quarter ending March 31. As a result, our current expectation is that the Studio segment will have an operating loss of between $80 and $120 million for the second quarter. As we look forward to the second half of the year, we are excited about the upcoming releases of The Avengers and Brave, which we believe have tremendous potential to drive value for the Studio and the rest of the company.”

The interesting thing about that statement is how Disney doesn’t seem too upset about the loss.  JOHN CARTER was supposed to be their next golden franchise, and I think they still know it could be if they just played their cards right.  Hopefully, despite being nowhere near that $700 Million mark for the sequel, with DVD sales and word of mouth, CARTER will have it’s day in the sun (or on Mars, for that matter), again.

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