Woody Allen Confirms His Next Film Will Be Shot Back in the US, NOT Copenhagen

So it seems like Woody Allen's European tour may actually be coming to an end...

So it seems like Woody Allen’s European tour may actually be coming to an end…

Despite reports that Allen’s next film will take place in Copenhagen, the director has confirmed that he will actually be making his way back to the US.

When asked about the rumors at a press conference in Italy for his latest film, TO ROME WITH LOVE, Allen said:

“It’s a myth. I don’t where this thing came from. It has never being discussed, I have never spoken with anyone about it and I don’t know anyone from Copenhagen…I’m going to shoot a tiny bit in New York City and then move to San Francisco.”

Since MATCH POINT brought the director over to Europe, his films have hit a new high, culminating in the brilliance of last year’s MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (read my review HERE).  It’ll be interesting to see where his work goes when he gets back to his original muse.

Now, the only question is will he cast Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett, like he keeps saying he wants to…?

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