Woody Allen


A busy weekend with 3 major motion pictures and 1 Woody Allen movie hitting screens all over the country - including a former president that's actually vampire hunter?!?. Here are the movies, and their trailers...

Movie Review: To Rome With Love

Mike Finkelstein took a trip to Rome recently. It was a city filled with wonderful people, beautiful women, and gorgeous scenery. Oh, and there was a little anxious man named Woody that followed him around everywhere…it was somewhat strange. Either way, he found time while there to see a film about the location. Here is his review of “To Rome With Love”.

Report: Woody Allen Continues His European Tour With Newest Film

For the past decade, Woody Allen has been taking a little break from his love affair with Manhattan. Starting with London in MATCH POINT, Allen has made his way around Europe, to Barcelona (VICKI CHRISTINA BARCELONA), then Paris (MIDNIGHT IN PARIS), and now NERO FIDDLED in Rome. (And don't forget he went back to London four more times in between.) So it's more than fitting that his next film follows suit, and films in Copenhagen.