DJ Blacklow’s Latest Music Picks For A Hot Week!

DJ Blacklow is back with his Top 10 dance music tracks that he can’t stop listening to this week! (HEAT WAVE EDITION!!)

By Guest Writer, DJ Jeremy Blacklow.

Hey Pop Goes The Week Fans, we’re back with the Top 10 dance music tracks that I can’t stop listening to this week.

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Without further adieu….

10) “Never Close Our Eyes” (Almighty Remix), Adam Lambert

Lambert’s sophomore album is quite brilliant, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, be sure to do so. This second single is the high-energy anthem we’ve been waiting for and Almighty does some of the most enjoyable production work that I’ve heard from them in years.

9) “Boyfriend” (Joe Gauthreaux & Peter Barona Radio Mix), Justin Bieber

Yes, it’s ubiquitous with Bieber dropping his new album this past week, but you can’t argue that it’s not catchy. Joe Gauthreaux continues his march to becoming one of the most go-to gay DJ’s for production work and this mix from him is just fantastic.

8) “See You Later” (DJs From Mars Extended), Bimbo Jones ft. Ida Corr

Most house music fans will remember Ida Corr from the huge hit “Let Me Think About It” a few years ago. The diva is back with a huge summer anthem courtesy of Brit remix masters Bimbo Jones. Italian-based DJs From Mars take this track to the next level with their Donna Summer “I Feel Love”-infused remix.


7) “Twist & Shout” (DJs From Mars Mix), The Beatles

Another great one for my list this month from DJs from Mars – a high-energy new “twist” on an old classic.


6) “Silhouettes” (Disco Fries Mix), Avicii f./Salem Al Fakir

Avicii does it yet again with his latest original production. “Silhouettes” is no “Levels,” but it’s certainly nothing to scoff at either. Personally, I love what DJ outfit “Disco Fries” has done with this track, although it may not be everyone’s taste.

5) “Timebomb” (Brian Cua Extended Bootleg), Kylie Minogue

In celebration of her 25th year in the music industry, Kylie dropped this new track for fans just before Memorial Day weekend, to coincide with the release of her latest Greatest Hits collection. There are no remixes out yet that really change the song up, but Brian Cua gives us a slightly new take on the original.

4) “Young Blood” (Tiesto & Hardwell Remix), The Naked & Famous

Although this track came out in 2010 and became big in 2011, the Tiesto & Hardwell remix of the New Zealand outfit came out this past April and has only now begun to hit radio. The original song is haunting and gorgeous and this remix captures that feeling, while turning it into an instant EDM classic.

3)  “Move In The Right Direction,” Gossip

My Top 3 songs this week aren’t even remixes. Kicking it off is the second single from Gossip’s new album. Beth Ditto and gang knock it out of the park with this self-empowerment anthem and every time I hear it, I feel like getting up and dancing. I love the music video for this song too.

2) “Let’s Have A Kiki,” Scissor Sisters

There isn’t a Scissor Sisters fan in the world that isn’t blown away by the pure genius of this track. What most folks don’t know yet is that it’s based on the night that the NYPD shut down the original incarnation of popular gay party “Mr. Black” in NYC… and the events recounted in the track are based on a night of carrying on that actually occurred. Be sure to catch the Sisters currently on tour – this song is one of the highlights of their current set! For some fun, you can also check out the Voxbox Spockturnal Soirée (Google it).

1) “Numb”, Usher & Swedish House, Usher

We already saw what Usher could do with a major house music producer in 2011 when he teamed up with David Guetta for “Without You” – a Billboard 100 #1 hit song. For his new album (which just debuted #1 on the Billboard 200), Usher joins Coachella headliners Swedish House Mafia for two tracks; “Euphoria” and the masterpiece, “Numb.” Just take a listen… it will speak for itself much better than any words I could possibly write.

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