“Saturday Night Live” Announces Seth MacFarlane as Premiere Host, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig As Follow Ups

SNL has announced itsfirst three hosts and musical guests for its 38th season!

If these first announcements are any indication, I think we have one hell of a “Saturday Night Live” season in store!

It was just announced that the season premiere episode of SNL will be hosted by none other than TED and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, along with openly gay rapper, Frank Ocean, as musical guest.

This will mark MacFarlane’s first appearance as host of the show, and any “Family Guy”, “American Dad”, and “Cleveland Show” fan can only assume what antics the TED director will plan!

SNL also announced the rundown for two more shows: Joseph Gordon Levitt with musical guest “Mumford and Sons”, and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, with musical guest “Muse”. This would mark Gordon Levitt’s second time hosting, while Craig would only become the 2nd Bond ever to hold the title.  (Damn you, Sean Connery!)

The  38th season premiere of SNL will take place Saturday, September 15th, and expect more host and musical guest announcements for the rest of the season coming up in the near future.

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