UPDATED: Forget The IRS! Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Return His Rented DVDs!

Ya know, owing the IRS $6 Million is one thing...but not returning your overdue DVD rentals...well that just makes you a criminal!

UPDATED: Nick Cage has paid off the DVD cops!

The owner of Old Bank DVD told TMZ that Cage called this morning to apologize, blaming the entire situation on his assistant!  In return for him being so calm and collected (no one was hurt…), Old Bank made Nick pay a total of $80…$20 in late fees per movie, and another $20 each to keep them.

As for the Facebook comments, another one was added today, saying,

“As a token of our appreciation for all the fine work Mr. Cage has done in film, with any rental this weekend, our customers may also pick one Nicolas Cage movie for free – and that’s like half our store, I mean seriously, that’s one hard working actor ;-). Welcome back anytime Nic.”

Ya know, owing the IRS $6 Million is one thing…but not returning your overdue DVD rentals…well that just makes you a criminal!

TMZ has a hysterical report this morning, saying that the one and only Nicolas Cage owes a video store $224.48 in late fees for two DVDs that he never returned.

The owner of Los Angeles based Old Bank DVD tells the site that Cage rented A STAR IS BORN and THE KING OF COMEDY back in April, but never gave them back.

But that’s not all…to get Cage’s attention, the video store put up an ad on their facebook page saying, “If anyone happens to run into Nicolas Cage wandering the neighborhood, please kindly remind him he’s had [our DVD’s] for a few months.”

Oh, and in case you’re nervous that Cage will get a tad angry if you bring it up, Old Bank put up a disclaimer:

“Old Bank DVD is not responsible if he gets mad, bursts into flames and beats you up though.”

Be careful…it could happen…

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