If you never heard the story, back in 2000, Nicolas Cage was the proud owner of a rare Superman comic book worth more than $2 Million.  It was stolen, and not found until late last year, when it turned up among the contents of an abandoned storage locker bought during an auction.  The new owner then sold said comic for a record $2.1 million a few months later.  Cage never saw a dime of the money.

Well now, it seems like that story is ridiculous enough that Hollywood wants to write a movie about it!

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM writers Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon have just sold a script based on the story to Lionsgate. In the film, titled ACTION NO. 1, a group of nerds attempt to steal Cage’s comic book, and Garant and Lennon want Cage to play himself!

No word on whether Cage would take such a part, but if he did, there is no doubt that it would be absolutely legendary!  If not, the studio is already considering Jason Statham as a replacement.