It was another charged episode of Top Chef Wednesday night. Here’s my rolling commentary of the evening – and a chance for you to Save A Chef from getting knifed from the competition.


Things I’m amped about: Ana Farris and Chris Pratt guest judging.

Things I’m bummed about: CJ getting kicked off last week. His ‘Colicchio’ was right on (he killed with that impression!) and also, I mean, can a burger really be THAT bad? (I mean, even a bad burger is usually a pretty good burger.)

But I digress…onto THIS episode. The top 12 remain.

So last week, the bottom performing contestants got reamed out by the judges, so it set the episode off with a bit of nervous energy. As a result, you’ll notice the onset of a nervous breakdown from a Danyele (the chick who resembles the protagonist from Disney’s Brave. Look left. I’m right.) If you paid close attention to her this this episode you’ll notice there’s something not okay in her eyes. Although it could be due to her excessive use of eyeliner. It’s borderline eye-black. I can’t wait to see more.

Quick Fire Challenge:

So this Quick Fire challenge kinda rocked me. It featured Marilyn Hagerty, Columnist and Writer for the Grand Forks Herald. She is the writer of one of the most adorable restaurant reviews ever – which we covered on the site once. She did an IN DEPTH (CLICK HERE TO READ IT) reviews of The OLIVE GARDEN. It was both hysterical and adorable. But again, I digress. One of the contestants compared her to “Martha Stewart’s mother” which in my opinion was a dead on description – a non-discernible accent, sensible seasonable garb, ancient, the whole nine. I didn’t know who she was at first – she was everything to me. Gotta love a small town girl (ahem) gone big time.

The challenge itself was to “make a sweet and savory holiday dish based on your family’s lineage.” Also, as an added twist (they never get off THAT easy); only one knife could be used among the 12 of them. Sharing is caring, y’all!

This challenge was designed in a way for the audience to get to know the chefs on a more personal level. I was a little disappointed with the winning dish though. Not knocking the **apple tarte** Brooke made – I’m sure it was delicious, but it was cited by Martha Stewart’s Mom that the flavors reminded her of going home for Christmas. Lady! This this challenge wasn’t about what reminded YOU of the holidays, it was supposed to represent the individual cultures of the chefs. But then again this women was alive when WWI was called The Great War, so I’m not even going to try to understand her rationale. Micah and Josie — the ones who made the tamales — they never had a chance.

Anyway, Brooke wins and gets immunity for making something safe. And American.

Elimination Challenge

After the Quick Fire, in walks Chris Pratt (of Parks and Rec fame) and a very pregnant Ana Farris. As far as Hollywood couples go, they’re actually pretty adorable together.

At first it seemed supes random to me that the two of them would be there, but apparently they’re both from western Washington, and since this season of Top Chef takes place in Seattle, it started to make a little more sense.

The challenge is to create one dish that satisfies their food cravings that will be served at a big homecoming party for the couple. The chefs had time to pick the twosome’s brains about what they liked, didn’t like, etc. What we learn is the Chris is a big game hunter. Chris Pratt holding a gun is as titillating as it is frightening.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, the winner wins a Toyota Prius C. Pressure on.

As I continue watching the frenetic pace of the chefs prepping for the event, all I can pay attention to is Danyele (aka Brave). She starts developing some sort of Irish accent in my head. Nothing about her dish is going right. I continue to love her.

At the party, Chris Pratt starts transforming into the quintessential drunk uncle – but he’s so cute with his mom and with Ana, we’ll overlook that. He and Ana actually ripped on reality TV and did a little improve “Bachelor” scene. Again, adorbs.

Overall, the dishes got way better responses this week than last. Some seasoning issues here and there, but all-around, they didn’t suck.


Padma was looking a little Laura Croft – I didn’t hate it.

Brave is so f*^$@#^ nervous. I can’t get over it.

As per usual, the judges call out the top performers first. The girl who won the Quick Fire won the challenge, and more importantly, the CAR!

Then, the bottom performers are called in to the firing squad. ::OMG Brave, don’t give up.:: She starts crying. The judges spare her.

Eliza is the one who gets the boot. She was totally a #whocares contestant, so everyone was kind of just like, “kay bye!”

The thing I found particularly interesting about her departure is that she claimed she was sick, so she approached the judges’ panel and bowed to each one of them, as opposed to shaking their hands…I guess to not spread germs? It was so awkward. But a couple minutes later you see her hugging some of her former competition goodbye. Possible sabotage?

Now as you know, it’s not enough just to watch the show. Ya gots to get involved, people. Time to SAVE A CHEF – who should stay? Stretch your tweet fingers and let that voice inside your head be heard:

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Meanwhile, check out a preview of next week’s episode!

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