Times Get Tougher For Lindsay Lohan

After moving back to her mother's home in Long Island, a process server was seen serving papers seeking payment.

94700689-lindsay-lohanDespite making a hasty retreat from Hollywood to her mom’s house in Long Island to save money, things are still tough for the embattled actress. Just days after moving back into her childhood home in Merrick, New York, a process server was seen serving papers seeking payment for an unknown debt.

A Chase Bank representative delivered an envelope on the gate outside the house.
Strapped for cash, Lohan currently makes most of her money is small chunks, often from international appearances.  It has been reported that she owers $233,904 in unpaid taxes.
The National Enquirer is reporting that Lohan recently asked Lady Gaga for fifty thousand dollars, but the pop singer declined the request via one of her staff.

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