SOURCE: Dennis Rodman’s Bad Behavior Leads Luxury Hotel To Comp Some Guests

A cigar smoking, sequin wearing Dennis Rodman has been so obnoxious at Arizona's luxurious resort The Phoenician that many guests in his vicinity are getting some of their money back!

A cigar smoking, sequin wearing Dennis Rodman was so flamboyant and rude at Scottsdale, Arizona’s luxurious resort The Phoenician this week that many guests in his vicinity are getting some of their money back!

Dennis Rodman CabanasA source tells POPgoesTheWeek that Rodman, who is apparently on a break from his self appointed role as Ambassador to North Korea (if you don’t know what we mean, google it) was taking a break at The Phoenician’s poolside when he distracted fellow guests with his loudmouth talking, smoking and plunging into the pool.

“He was being totally obnoxious.” says the source, who witnessed the strange behavior.

Guests who were poolside renting cabanas for the day received apologies from the resort staff, and had the cabana rental fee refunded.

Private cabanas at the resort run $250 a day – and feature ceiling fans, telephone, computer hook up, daily newspaper, robes, lip balm, fresh fruit, bottled water, lounge chairs and a love seat. But despite the posh privacy, Rodman’s antics meant ten different cabana renters got their money back.

While we can’t say we’re suprised by Rodman’s showiness, we can give some kudo’s to The Phoenician for some great service!

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  • Yup, I was there and experienced it. He even made an anti-semetic remark to a woman who took extreme offense to it. I was in the pool with my brother, friend, and dad and he kept referring to me as “hey white guy” to engage in conversation. I talked to him for a little bit, tried to get a picture with him, but then he ignored us. Overall, it was embarrassing to see him like that, but hey, it’s Dennis Rodman. Can’t expect anything else from him.

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