POP INTERVIEW: VH1 “Mob Wives” Carla Facciolo, Renee Graziano and Ramona Rizzo

The most talked about ladies from VH1's reality hit, Mob Wives, will celebrate their season finale on Sunday, April 21 at 9:00 pm. Three of the cast members gabbed about living within the heart of the mafia lifestyle.

The most talked about ladies from VH1’s reality hit, Mob Wives, will celebrate their reunion special on Sunday, April 21 at 9:00 pm. Three of the cast members gabbed about living within the heart of the mafia lifestyle.

Carla Facciolo

carla mob wives

Your dad was jailed when you were in high school. How did that change your everyday life in small ways?
It was difficult, its always a tough situation when one of your parents have to leave you for a while but my mother made sure she was there for us in every way.

Your husband went to jail for stock fraud. Yet many people do the same thing and do not get caught. Why do you think he was among the unlucky people whom the government zeroed in on?
It’s an unfortunate situation that he was caught in. We are glad hes back home!

You love Ryan Gosling and “Legends of the Fall.” So why did you go against type with your husband? Not that it is wrong but just curious. He doesn’t seem like anything like Mr. Gosling nor Brad Pitt in that film!
You cant help who you fall in love with! I dont specifically go out looking for the Ryan Gosling/Brad Pitt types, it’s whoever treats me right!

You say you want to visit Australia and Italy. So why haven’t you gone? Now is your chance. You could maybe get in the news overseas like the “Jersey Shore” cast. It would be fun!
Maybe now that we finished filming, I can go and explore. Everyone is always surprised that I have never been to Italy. I definitely think that will be my next vacation, I think I will feel right at home! Wouldnt it be crazy if the whole Mob Wives cast went to Italy?! That would be a sight to see!

I hear you want to be a clothing designer! Please talk about it. What is your line going to be like? Which famous clothing companies can you compare it to? Like, “If you like ‘X,’ you will love my clothing line.”
Right now we are in talks with a few companies, I definitely want to be hands on with the clothing line, I love Bebe and BCBG so I think it will be similar and affordable. Taking things slow and making sure I do everything the right way so it can be perfect! I will make sure to keep everyone posted!

You’ve started a soap business. Kind of ironic, because “Mob Wives” is a soap itself in some aspects. Of all your oils, gels and soaps, which is the best for someone new to body care? And which is your personal favorite?
I am actually SO excited about this line! I wanted to do something different than what everyone else was doing, body care is extremely important for me, so this was a no brainer! It’s handmade soap made all from natural oils, it’s amazing for your skin! Now we have branched out to body lotion, body sprays, fragrance oils and I’m adding a new line next month! Ive had such great support and everyone has been so supportive. The line is doing amazing! My favorites are baby powder, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Cucumber Melon and Bergamot Mandarin… there are so many! I love them all! Make sure you check them out at http://www.carlafacciolossoap.com

What has starting your own business taught you that you couldn’t learn from being on a TV show?
I definitely don’t talk about things before they are set in stone, I try to stay quiet until everything is secure! I love surprising people with all the fun things I’m diong. So I guess, keeping HUSH is key!

Renee Graziano

renee graziano

Your bio says you are still trying to forgive Carla. From my knowledge of the mafia and corrupt Illinois politics, forgiveness doesn’t come easily. If at all. Do you really think you have it in your heart for forgiveness?
I have forgiveness for anyone who can admit to their mistakes and understand the ignorance of hurting me in that way- but more importantly, hurting the millions of others that suffer from addiction.

The show glamorizes the mafia. It has many perks, but also many downsides we don’t hear about. How would you discourage someone who is interested in joining the mafia or marrying into it?
What mob? You can’t join a club that no longer exists.

Your relationship with your father has been stressed somewhat by appearing on the show. Yet you seem like you feel confident in your decision to appear on “Mob Wives,” and just for wanting to let cameras into your life period, that’s pretty brave. So when you are talking with him privately, how do you try to tell him, “I’m doing the right thing. Please be proud of me?”
My dad wasn’t thrilled that we were doing the show. I think he thought it was a show about gangsters, and there aren’t any lol. But the bottom line is that my father is my best friend, my buddy, my protector, and the greatest man alive! We may not always see eye to eye on everything, but we are cool like cucumbers.

When your husband was caught, how did you feel? It is quite different than what we see in movies when people you care about are taken away and must have given you a breakdown. And there’s the question of having a family together too. A lifestyle of sorts. A comfortable place all being taken away at once.
I was disgraced by what my husband did, not personally but for my son. I’m Anthony Graziano’s daughter and AJ is his grandson- it worked out for the best. In the long run, I won- because it’s best for my family that Junior is no longer in our lives.

When you received Junior’s letter, do you think you would have reacted differently if it had happened now?
Being that my head is so much clearer now- I would be more worried, I mean the man is in jail for murders. Maybe the feds can also do a better job in protecting me by cutting off his mail. Junior sent me into a depression spiral that triggered my addiction.

I am going to stop being a Debbie Downer now. What fun things have happened as a result of your participation on “Mob Wives?”
Fun things ….. Hmmm well I got to pull hair in season 1. I got to prove I’m tough in season 2. And I survived death from that horrendous surgery, developed a closer relationship with AJ, and got to share my journey through rehab and recovery in season 3. And I’m also branding my Mob Candy line! I’m really focusing on doing me right now and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.

In general, what have you learned about family during the course of this show?
I learned family doesn’t have to be blood- like Ramona Rizzo and Karen Gravano. I learned family is picked for you, so either be thankful or ask someone to adopt you because family, money, and a little fame can cause a lot of arguments…… This is why I work alone and I stay alone, and buy my sister Jen some Gucci every now and then so she doesn’t pick on me lol.

Beyond Mob Wives, the next big things for me are my Mobcandy brand of clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and cosmetics- as well as my Lunatickle brand of bath and body products. I also have a few books in the works…..so stay tuned, you will be hearing more soon.

Ramona Rizzo

ramona rizzo
What is misunderstood about the “Mob Wives” series?
The series shows a lot of fighting, and people then think that is how we are in everyday life. We go hard for the ones we love and care about. We are all moms at the end of the day and just because we are related or married to someone associated with crime does not mean we approve of it or want that for our children.

You have four kids. Somehow, you aren’t going crazy. What is your secret?
Like everything else in life, I have to keep a balance going and find ways to stay calm. I have a great family who supports me so that also helps!

You fought to get them out of Jordan. Interestingly, “Gossip Girl” actress Kelly Rutherford is dealing with her own child custody battle. What advice do you have for her and everyday women dealing with this?
You have to learn the law in the area you are living in and learn your rights. Most important as a mom always trust your gut feeling it will always be right.

You’re descended from mob blood. When you grew up looking at people with average lives, once you found out about your family’s ties, did you ever wonder what their lives were like? You wouldn’t have known anything other than your way of life. What did you think of the average American lifestyle?
I grew up surrounded by friends whose family were not in nor descended from “MOB Blood” and had average lives. I never had to wonder how their lives were different because I was around them so much. I was able to experience the best of both worlds. Anyone who grew up with family not involved in the “MOB” lifestyle might not have had as much as I did growing up but they had less heartache to endure.

Al Pacino played your grandfather in a movie. That had to have been very cool. If you could give him pointers, what did he neglect to do, like mannerisms or speech inflections? Was it weird seeing this happen? Usually, someone and most of their family is dead by the time a biopic is made.
I actually met Al Pacino prior to the movie being filmed. I had asked him if they had family scenes that he plays the part of my grandfather in a loving manner. He explained to me that the movie was not just about my grandfather but the people that were around him and who he did business with.

Per “Us Weekly, ” and with them getting their facts from “Page Six,” I don’t have any reliable, concrete facts here to work with, so sorry if this is false, Dealing with two tabloids. 😉 You are engaged. And! Planning a wedding without your future husband’s involvement because he is currently incarcerated. How does that work? And why would you want to have a wedding he cannot embrace whole heartedly every step of the way as opposed to waiting for him?
Yes I am engaged to be married. I am planning my wedding just like someone who is engaged to someone in the army who is deployed for a few months/years. You have to do it all on your own so when your significant other does come home you are all ready for the big day! Of course my fiancé would love to be helping me if he could but since that is not an option I am doing it on my own. As for my fiancée, he wants me to have the wedding we have spoken about and trusts my decision making. Even though we are getting married quickly and may not get to be together for sometime we are fully committed to each other. He wants me to be able to celebrate our marriage and love as best I can. When he does get to come home we will renew our vows.

When you were falling for him, why weren’t you scared off by his situation? In our age, women are flaky. They’ll run away because some guy dislikes a favorite musician, uses the wrong phone and a heap of excuses I see online. Yet you stuck this out and support him no matter what.
He did not have this situation when I fell for him. We have a history together and a great connection.

How has appearing on the show changed you inside?
Being on MOBWIVES has made me become a stronger person.

Nicole Russin aka. Richárde

Nicole Russin, also known as her alter ego Richárde, is a bestselling chef, experienced print journalist and beauty/editorial model. You may visit her official website at NicoleRussin.com.

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