While taking in the Thai nightlife during a break from her concert tour, Rihanna posed for a pic with an animal called a “Slow Loris.” Trouble is, it’s endangered.

In what is an all too common, and very illegal practice, two men on the island of Phuket were charging people to have their photo taken with the endangered animal. After hundreds of thousands of people ‘liked’ the photo on instagram, Thai authorities were in an understandable state of ‘dislike.’ They set up a sting – and the peddlers, one 20 and one 16 years old had two of the protected animals in their possession.

Rihanna Slow LorisRihanna’s caption for the instagram photo? “Look who was talkin dirty to me! #Thailand #nightlife” 

I’m guessing the two guys arrested – not so much the Slow Loris – were speaking some choice dirty words of their own as they were  hauled away!

According to the LA Times, (via the Guardian) “The large-eyed, long-trunked mammal is closely related to lemurs and lorisoids and is commonly found in South and Southeast Asia. It is a protected species in Thailand but is often used by poachers in tourists’ photo ops.”

The two young culprits face a possession of protected animals charge, which reportedly carries a four-year prison sentence and $1,300 fine.

Authorities have been trying to crack down on vendors exploiting wildlife in popular tourist. Rihanna’s photo brought attention to the problem without her even knowing it.

Oddly enough, Rihanna also posted photos of an illegal live from a sex show a Phuket red-light district. That apparently did not lead to any arrests.

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