READ: 5 Ways To Spoil Bae While Being Broke This Valentine’s Day

It’s February 1st, which means you can no longer escape the horrifying reality that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And if you’re a twenty-something millennial with two jobs, a high rent and a looming credit card bill from buying those must-have Britney Spears tickets because she’s only in town for two days and you just have to see her….hypothetically…then buying expensive gifts for your bae might be stressing you out! But fear not, I’ve come up with a list of 5 great ways to show your love that won’t have you on a Cup O’ Noodle diet for the next month. All of the gift ideas below range from $0-$33!

1) Customized Yankee Candle – $32.99:

We start the list with our expensive product for those who can really afford to spoil their s.o. Yankee Candle now sells customizable candles, which is kind of genius because candles are already a go-to gift for any occasion. With this new product, customers choose the size of the candle (ranging in price from $15.99-$32.99), choose the scent and choose a picture to have printed on the label. That’s where the romance kicks in. Select the best picture of you and your boo, and give them a gift that will really warm their heart. Bonus points if you select a scent that reminds them of something they love. Vanilla Cupcake might jog a great birthday memory, and Clean Cotton might remind them of the time you could afford to actually do your laundry before a date and didn’t smell grilled cheese and a hamper.

2) Wanderer Bracelets – $24.99

This next gift idea is definitely going to tug at the old heart strings. Made from sustainable resources, Wanderer Bracelets are nifty rope bracelets that are handcrafted in Bali. Imported goods make the penny-pinching list?! Yes, I would never mislead you. Customers have the chance to choose from several customizable options, with the most impressive being the ability to have special coordinates etched into your bracelet. Depending on your level of romance, you could have the longitude and latitude of where you first swiped right, first met or first kissed permanently carved into this bit of arm candy. Either way, this is a gift that is sure going to show how much you cherish a memory of such a happy time.

3) Ditch The Pricey Chocolates – Less than $10

Did you know that Godiva advertises a Valentine’s Day premiere chocolate set for $340.00? That’s 155 Fiery Doritos Locos Taco Supremes from Taco Bell. Chocolate has become a staple for Valentine’s Day gift giving, and because of that chocolate prices are jacked up this time of the year. Rather than break the bank on some Cupid confectionary, why not bake your lovey something more unique. There is an endless supply of recipes on the internet, so finding a great one shouldn’t be difficult. Over at Genius Kitchen, they have a cupcake recipe that consists of ingredients that you probably have in your pantry. Once you’ve got the baking down, you can pick up some fun frostings, sprinkles and décor to really let your creativity shine. This gift would be the perfect thing to make your sweetie melt this Valentine’s Day.

4) A Picture Shouldn’t Cost More Than Its Worth – Like $5

Because Snapchat invented an app that can give us 10 different looks at a time, you now have dozens upon dozens of selfies stored onto your phone, many of which include your special cutie! This tip is simple. Download a photo filter app of your choice, many of which are free. Play around with the filters and really let your artistry shine while tweaking a favorite pic of you and your loved one. This will show said bae that you are willing to take the time to create some modern day artwork just for them. You can find frames at most dollar stores these days, but because its a special day we are going to beef up the price tag and spend 5 whole dollars at Michaels. A frame with a built-in mat always classes up the picture which will really top off this charmer of a gift.

5) Add More To Your Netflix And Chill – Probably Free

This is my favorite tip of all! Streaming technology has never been more accessible than it is now. Whether we stream our favorite movies and shows on our phones, tablets, computers or even televisions, we are never more than a few clicks from instant entertainment. So what modern day fairy tale would be complete without factoring in a little bit of our favorite technology. The idea is simple: hop on your streaming app…or let’s be real, hop on your friend of a friends streaming app that you secretly grabbed the password to…and start watching your bf/gf’s favorite show from the beginning. Now this may be quite the feat if you were trying to charm me since I have seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy at least three times, but hey I’m worth it. Never the less, on V-day you call your cuddle-bug to come cuddle up to watch their favorite show. Imagine their surprise when you show off how much you know about their television obsession. It’s a really fun, romantic and affordable way to bond and show interest in the one who has your heart.

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