FIRST LOOK! Mamma Mia! Why Why, Did We Ever Let You Go?

The extended trailer for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again debuted during last weekends 60th Annual Grammy Awards and fans are shook! The trailer, only one minute long, has added to the intrigue surrounding the sequel.

While it may only feel like “Our Last Summer,” Mamma Mia burst onto the silver screen back in 2008. Originally a Broadway musical, the two hour, Abba-song filled, star studded film tells the story of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who is soon to be wed to her dreamy fiancé,  Sky (Dominic Cooper). Sophie was raised by her single mom, Donna (Meryl Streep), who was basically the Beyoncé of a girl group back in the day, on the Greek island of Kalokairi. After reading some of Donna’s salacious journal entries, Sophie makes it her mission to find her father before the wedding. Three men are summoned to the island as possible candidates for Sophie’s bio dad and that’s where things get interesting. Donna is desperate to avoid each of the men that spurned her in the past but can’t stop Sophie from trying to connect with them. The movie ends without a Maury Povich moment, instead all three men agree to act as Sophie’s dad.

That ending felt final in both the stage and film renditions…until now. Back in late December a brief trailer was released to promote the sequel which hits theaters this July. While the tease was enough to pique interest, a longer trailer released during the Grammys this last weekend has everyone curiously enthralled. In the trailer, a present-day Donna is not seen, instead we only see highlights from the first film and flashbacks to a younger Donna. The internet immediately broke out wondering if Donna has died between the first film and the second (Say it ain’t so Meryl!). Alas, our hearts can only grieve for a moment before the fabulous Cher is revealed to be Sophie’s grandmother. Flash to me playing the same 12 second soundbite of Cher’s “Fernando” on a loop for 8 hours. In any event, the extended trailer has not provided any answers, but does provide us with even more reasons to watch. July cannot come soon enough!



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