This Kid Flossing To ‘Mamma Mia’ On The Bag Pipes Is Bizarrely Entertaining

Talk about a fire within his soul, this kid dancing to ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” being played on the bagpipes is quintessentially a perfect viral video.

There was a 50% chance you expected this post to be a Scottish-influenced, dental hygiene PSA wasn’t there? Sadly, you’re now realizing that we aren’t talking about that kind of flossing, but I promise this to be even more entertaining than some quality gum care!

“Flossing,” the popular dance move that has swept the nation was birthed by Russell Horning aka The Backpack Kid and was made famous during his appearance in a Katy Perry performance. Well, there’s a new boss of the floss and it’s this little boy who was caught flossing to a bagpipe rendition of the classic ABBA hit, “Mamma Mia.” Not much else is known about the context of the video, but I can assure the combination of genres makes for some bizarre entertainment.

Giggle along to the thirty second clip below!

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