OBSESSION: Netflix’s ‘Nailed It’ Is Your Next Binge

Those who can’t cook, watch cooking shows. There has been a resurgence in cooking competitions with shows like The Great British Baking Show and Master Chef pulling in big, intergenerational ratings, while producing hilarious and trendy viral memes. The majority of these shows follow a similar formula. There’s a host who injects their own personality into the competition, like scary drill sergeant Gordon Ramsey, who typically, also act as a judge along with some expert foodie friends. The competition usually has a quick-fire round which grants some sort of advantage for the main heat, the winner of which either takes home the prize or advances to the next round. This simple formula has caused cooking shows to become a staple in our tv viewing, but it has been a while since any have brought some fresh, new flavor to our hungry eyes. Crave no more, as Netflix has come up with what seems to be the perfect new recipe. Nailed It has amateur bakers competing under the same constraints as the professionals, which makes for hilarious final products. Adorable comedian Nicole Byer, and quirky, renowned chef Jacques Torres are the dream-team hosts of the show. The winner, aka the best of the worst, goes home with $10k! Start scrolling Pinterest for what epic fails you’ll be making for the premiere, and start streaming the show on Netflix on March 9th! Take a look at the trailer below!


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