HBOoooooh: HBO Releases Fiery New Trailer For ‘Fahrenheit 451’

Perhaps Elon Musk should hold off on mass producing those flamethrowers, as Fahrenheit 451 shows what they could be used for. The literary classic, which brought about it’s own censorship controversy, is making its way to the small screen as HBO’s latest project. The book, written in 1953 by Ray Bradbury, tells of a futuristic dystopia in which books are outlawed and it is up to “firemen” to not only find any existing books, but to burn them immediately. The protagonist, Guy Montag, is a “fireman” who has a change of opinion and joins the resistance to preserve the books and prevent censorship. The book stands the test of time as the story is something that new generations can still relate with. In the HBO adaptation, Michael B. Jordan takes on the role as Guy Montag and stars alongside Michael Shannon. The trailer has hints of a Hunger Games vibe, and seems to have spared no expense at fully immersing viewers into this dystopia. Take a look at the trailer below!



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