AWWW: Neville Longbottom Just Got Married!

You’ll Neville believe this, but Neville Longbottom, aka Matthew Lewis, just got married! Harry Potter’s once awkward, shaggy haired, snaggle-toothed school friend finally tied the knot with girlfriend of two years, Angela Jones.

Lewis brought such adorable charm as Neville throughout the entire Harry Potter franchise. Often the bud of everyone’s jokes, Neville didn’t really stand a chance to be taken seriously, but Lewis made sure that wasn’t the case in his real life. He is the reason the term “Longbottomed” is now used whenever someone blossoms out of their awkward phase. Exhibit A.

Talk about magic! Anyway, back to the lovely couple. The pair met back in 2016 at a Wizarding World event at Universal Studios in Orlando, where Jones was working. The relationship was an unexpected whirlwind from the start, with Jones divorcing her first husband just four month prior. Lewis proposed to Jones nine months after, continuing to make those winds whirl. The couple managed to keep their relationship relatively quiet, even having a quiet wedding. Lewis was the one to announce the marriage with a hilarious tweet earlier today.

So to all of those kids who are struggling with acne, or have a few more years left with those chunky, metal braces, just remember that you t0o can blossom into an underwear model with a gorgeous, blond wife! Congrats to the newlyweds!

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