THIS WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY: Donchez’s Golden Buzzer On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Will Have You Wigglin’ And Winin’

Ello govuhnuh! While I may be writing from this side of the pond, I think we can all agree that the Brits know a thing or two about talent. I mean, they’ve given us Adele….The Beatles…and Madonna during that weird stretch of the 90’s. Well Britain has done it again by giving the world Donchez, the next potential musical superstar.

Over on Britains Got Talent, 60 year old Donchez took the stage to try his luck becoming Britain’s next dynamic talent. He presented his original song called “Wiggle and Wine” and you could tell the judges were wary of what was coming next. To their (and everyone else’s) surprise Donchez performed a catchy, caribbean hit that had everyone on their feet. Even the three fun judges (sorry Simon) got up on stage to wiggle and wine along with the singer. All of this commotion was unexpected as seen when Donchez collapsed after the Golden Buzzer was pressed. Looks like the singer will be wiggling his way right into the semi finals.

Get ready to smile, and take a look at the performance below!


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