BUZZ: Stay Cool This Summer With July’s Pop Culture Breakdown!

What if I told you there was no bit of pop culture good enough to keep you inside this month? Or that you shouldn’t squander your summer away by binge watching the latest tv shows or catching the biggest blockbusters because nothing on those screens could be as amazing as what nature has to offer? What if I said I couldn’t possible have anything more exciting in this post than what you could find at a day at the beach? Well…I’d be Ju-lying.

The forecast isn’t the only thing that’s hot this month, as all of entertainment’s new releases are fire! From movies to tv to a night at the theater, everything below will help keep you cooler than an open fire hydrant in an urban neighborhood.

Television (click title for more info)

Sharp Objects July 8 at 9PM on HBO

The Outpost July 10 at 9pm on CW

Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits And Monsters July 11 at 10pm on truTV

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind July 16 on HBO

***Editor’s Choice***

Kandi Koated Nights July 1 at 9pm on Bravo

This choice was a no brainer for me! As a loyal Housewives fan I had to support one of my favs, Kandi Burruss. She is down for a good time and always keeps it real, so I am sure her new talk show will be a hit. The show derives from the housewife’s digital show under the same name, and tackles subjects like dating, relationships and pop culture. In the clip below, we see Kandi ask former bandmate, Tiny, if she had an affair with Floyd Mayweather. These are the questions we want answers to!

Movies (click title for more info)

The First Purge July 4

Ant-Man And The Wasp July 6th

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation July 13

The Equalizer 2 July 20

Mission Impossible – Fallout July 27

***Editor’s Choice***

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again July 20

Apparently, I have been broken hearted. Blue since the day we parted. My, my, how did I…end up the number one cheerleader for this summer sequel?!? I had huge reservations about this film at first considering the original was merely an adequate representation of the stage musical. There were some flaws with the singing but Meryl Streep carried the weight of the film per usual and I made peace with the entire ordeal. With each new trailer or song that is released from the sequel, I am getting more and more giddy about this film. Damn you musical marketing team! We are still unsure if Streep will reprise her role as Donna, but even if she doesn’t we still get Cher! Cher is not just icing on a cake, she is the whole damn cake! Her version of “Fernando” has been humming in my head for days now. These next 19 days need to zip by so I can be a dancing queen once more.


The Comedy Lineup July 3

The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter July 6

Samantha! July 6

Father Of The Year July 20

How It Ends July 27

***Editor’s Choice***

Orange Is The New Black July 27

Lock me up and throw away the key. I know what I will be binging come the end of this month. I usually save new shows or movies to put into this category but OITNB was one of the first shows to bring Netflix into the mainstream so it deserves it’s shoutout. Last season, the series left off on a cliffhanger and every character’s life is about to change. The very cryptic trailer for the new season simply indicates that the ladies of Litchfield are heading to a maximum security prison due to the riot they caused last season. We need more info!!! I’ll be carving the days into my bedroom wall until this new season drops.


Six – We The Kings – July 6

Surviving The Summer – Iggy Azalea – July 6

Rolling papers 2 – Wiz Khalifa – July 13

Noble Ape – Jim Gaffigan – July 17

***Editor’s Choice***

Cage to Rattle – Daughtry – July 27

How could I not choose our favorite rocker from American Idol. We haven’t heard new music from Chris and the band in quite some time, but I am rooting for their comeback. The band has released three new singles from the album and it seems they are giving us exactly what we want from the group. The group has their same grit albeit with an evolved sound. I am digging the grown up Daughtry!

Theatre (click title for more info)

Smokey Joe’s Cafe -Opens July 22

Straight White Men -Opens July 23

This Ain’t No Disco -Opens July 24

***Editor’s Choice***

Head Over Heels -Opens July 26

This musical just piques my interest. The story tells of a medieval family who is on an adventure to save their beloved kingdom. Immediately thought the entire cast will be performing to lutes. Well the twist is that the entire show is scored to music by the Go-Go’s. The promotional material for the show seem to promise a good time and I am curious to see how the medieval world and the punk world combine.


I don’t know about you but sitting in front of the tv with the a.c. cranked sounds way better than applying SPF 1000 every hour after I sweat off the last coat. Stay cool with me and enjoy all the beauty pop culture will bring this month.


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