OMG: Looks Like ‘OITNB’ Will Only Serve A 7 Year Sentence…Announces Next Season As It’s Last

This may be the only time someone has actually wished they could stay in jail longer but I am not ready to see my Litchfield Ladies go. The hit Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black, has announced that it’s upcoming season will be it’s last.

Way back in 2013, Netflix was just a little streaming service that many of us were still unsure of. Then shows like OITNB  premiered exclusive on the streaming service and the game had forever been changed. The 1 hour “dramedy” followed Piper Chapman as she began her 18 month sentence in a minimum-security women’s federal prison. The series has continued to evolve and has introduced one of the most memorable ensembles to ever grace out television….laptop….smartphone screens.

Despite the continued success, it was announced that the upcoming season will be it’s last, which makes sense considering…SPOILER ALERT…Piper was released from jail at the end of the last season. The show took to social media to share the emotional announcement.

No news as to when to expect the final season but it will definitely be in 2019. Lock me up and throw away the key! I am not ready for this series to end!


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