FUNNY: Tiffany Haddish Joins Billy Eichner To Create A More Diverse ‘Hocus Pocus’ On The Latest ‘Billy On The Street’

It’s always pretty magical when two of Hollywood’s funniest stars join forces and this time is no exception. Tiffany Haddish joined Billy Eichner to help find a more diverse cast for their version of Hocus Pocus on the latest episode of Billy On The Street.

As per usual, the show takes to the streets of New York City to get into the faces and minds of  some of the city’s quirkiest passerby’s. The whole video is entertaining but there are three highlights that made me cackle laugh at my desk:

  1.  Billy coining the term “Crazy Witch Asians”
  2. Tiffany’s take on Brazilian dancing
  3. The subtle shade to Kathy Najimy

Laugh along and check out the video below!


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