REALI-TEASE: ‘RHOC’ Reunion Seating Chart Is More Telling Than You Might Think

I loved my high school reunion. Ten years after graduation, I was eighty pounds thinner and couldn’t wait to strut my skinny jeans around all my old classmates. While ballgowns might make the women of the Real Housewives Of Orange County feel almost as pretty as I did, I am fairly certain they are not sharing in the same enthusiasm as I did.

Season 13 of the hit reality show has been turbulent to say the least. While some old friendships have been restored, some new ones have been fractured pretty badly. On top of this, the two new housewives, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson, have provided the perfect combination of drama and likability making them two of my favorite new additions this series has seen in a long time. With the season coming to a close, Bravo released the seating chart for the upcoming reunion and I’m here to break down the hidden meanings behind each seat.

From left to right it sits Gina, Kelly Dodd, Tamra Judge…with host Andy Cohen smack dab in the middler per usual…then on the next couch Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson and Emily. Gina and Emily bookending the couches is the obvious choice. You got put in your time if you want to get closer to the host ladies. Kelly and Vicki mirroring one another is a great sign. Historically, those who sit closest to Andy are focused upon most which usually leads to them becoming entangled in the most drama. It has taken a few seasons for the women to finally cut Vicki and Kelly some slack and let them back onto the cool kids table. These two mirroring one another in the second seats means that they are not likely to be the center of any controversy this time around. All that’s left now is Shannon and Tamra who are sitting closest to Andy…aka the hot seats. Shannon has had a really hard season. Her divorce has gotten to the best of her causing the other ladies to claim she has become needy and depressed. Some of the other housewives have even recommended Shannon take medication to “level her out.” It was just last season that we saw Shannon and Tamra enjoying their blossoming friendship but oh what a difference a season makes. Tamra feels like the friendship has grown one sided and I am sure that will lead to a bitter exchange between the two.


  1. Gina and Emily will have the usual baptism by fire for the new housewives and will have to defend themselves for things they never even thought would be brought up.
  2. Kelly will have already said/will say something that is going to hurt Shannon enough to make them reconsider the foundation of their new friendship.
  3. Vicki is not going to rock the boat too hard because being popular is what really matters most.
  4. Shannon and Tamra are going to fight the hardest and dirtiest. Best friends always go for the jugular once the tide has changed.
  5. All 6 housewives will be invited back next season because this franchise finally has the perfect mix of friendship and utter chaos with these six ladies.

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