B’WAY BUZZ: The Final Hamildrop Features Barack Obama And It Will Give You Hope

Once a month, every month for the year 2018 Hamilton creator and musical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda delivered new content based on the hit Broadway show in a series called Hamildrops. Some have been funny, others more emotional but overall I’d call the entire series brilliant. Continuing in that brilliance, the final Hamildrop has left me an emotional wreck.

“One Last Time – 44 Remix” is an updated twist to the song George Washington sings when he leaves office, promising a brighter future to Alexander Hamilton. Christopher Jackson reprises his role as George Washington on the remix and is featured with Bebe Winans and BARACK OBAMA! Miranda saved the best for last! No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, we can all agree that the country is in need of some hope. And no one does hope like President Obama. Hearing our 44th president’s read a passage from Washington’s farewell address brought tears to my eyes an his words will resonate with me into the new year.

Click below to hear the inspiration, and (sadly) final Hamildrop. Happy new year!


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