POP TV: Megan Mullally Ditches Her ‘Karen’ Voice And Sings Like A Star In Tonight’s ‘Will & Grace’

UPDATED with the full performance of the song!


For all of us that feel more like a Will or a Grace, Karen Walker is the woman we get to vicariously live through once a week on the popular sitcom. I mean, just once I would love to chug a martini, sling out a brilliantly fiery insult and open-palm slap my best friend. Yes, we might show up for Will & Grace but we stick around for the incomparable Karen Walker, played by the brilliant Megan Mullally.

We can all agree that Megan Mullally has never been hotter. In October, she and husband Nick Offerman released their book The Greatest Love Story Ever Told and it obviously became a New York Times Best Seller. And just last week, Megan hosted the SAG Awards and absolutely crushed it!

Side note, at age 60 Megan can still rock a skin tight, catsuit. What is in those martinis?! Whatever it is I’ll take two.

As Karen, Megan’s obvious talent might be delivering the perfect zinger…

But what you might not know is that Megan is a truly gifted singer. We heard Karen sing a handful of times during the original run of the sitcom but her voice was always laced with the high pitch of Karen’s voice. Well, for tonight’s winter premiere the writers found a way to have Megan use her real voice and sing “The Man That Got Away” from the 1954 version of A Star Is Born and now I’m the one with a high pitched squeal. Check out this sneak peek from Megan’s Instagram!

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hi!!!! #willandgrace is back this thursday!!!! all new-episode 🤩🤩 and i’m super excited to say that i get to sing (for real) on the show. our brilliant writers came up with a way to allow me to sing as “myself” in the context of- oh, let’s call it a “dream sequence” for now. it’s that old-fashioned way of singing, lady gaga’s really good at it. and the song is one of the great classic “torch songs” of all time, The Man That Got Away. AND i was lucky enough to have my old friend and collaborator, the brilliant #jeffblumenkrantz @blumie, play piano for me 😊 we met in 1995 doing a revival of How To Succeed in Business on #Broadway. hope you can all watch!! this #Thursday #newtime 9:30/8:30c @nbcwillandgrace (for more singing check out my band #nancyandbeth at www.nancyandbeth.com! we’re touring this summer! also, if you want to go deep, i sing a bunch on the original broadway cast albums of the 1995 revival of #howtosucceedinbusinesswithoutreallytrying, the 2008 production of #youngfrankenstein, and one song in the 1994 revival of #grease 🗣👂🏽)

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Check out Karen Walker belting her heart out and giving us all life tonight on a brand new Will & Grace at 9:30p EST on NBC.

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