The Funny Thing Courteney Cox Just Did That Has ‘Friends’ Fans Overjoyed

Courteney Cox told her boyfriend he needed to "Pivot!" as he moved in new furniture and now we all miss "Friends"

Over the course of 10 seasons, Friends spawned more than a few catchphrases. Haven’t we all tried to recreate the flirty passion behind Joey’s “how you doin’?” at least once? I know I’ve tossed around Chandler’s “could I be anymore (insert fun adjective)?!” at many a dinner party. And don’t we all love to proclaim “we were on a break!” when returning to work after lunch? Well, there’s one iconic line from the beloved sitcom that is so irresistible it has to be yelled every moving day. That’s right, I’m talking about that one word Ross shouted into the ether and forever into our hearts…“PIVOT!”

Back in season 5’s “The One With The Cop,” Ross buys a new couch and enlists some of his friends to help him move it into his apartment. The couch is so large, however, that all the “PIVOT”-ing in the world can’t make it fit up the stairs. I venture to say that David Schwimmer (aka Ross) single handedly changed moving day forever more with that one word. Fellow Friends star, Courteney Cox couldn’t help but to repeat the iconic line over the weekend when her boyfriend, Johnny McDaid, tried to maneuver a table down a tight hallway. Cox can be heard reminding her boyfriend to “PIVOT!” along every step of the way in a video she shared on Instagram. Such a Monica thing to do. Take a stroll down memory lane and watch the video below!

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