This Fifth Avenue Stunner Has Central Park Views, Breathtaking Bathrooms, And A Secret Connection To Liz Taylor.

Can you guess how much this luxe NYC rental goes for? Click through the gallery and read on to find out!

Okay, let’s look at some House Candy. This NYC rental at 923 Fifth Avenue is known in real estate circles as a “Classic Six.” What’s that, you ask? The phrase is used in NYC a lot: “Classic” refers to the prewar era when these apartments were built, and “six” refers to the total number of rooms. They must include a living room, a formal dining room, a kitchen, two full bedrooms, and a maid’s room typically located near the kitchen and with its own bath. They’re highly sought after, and in this particular case, completely gorgeous! Let’s take a look, then see if you can guess the monthly rent!

The gorgeous living room has not one but two scene stealers: One, the views of trees canopying over Central Park – not to be outdone but the secret behind the stunning fireplace – once owned by Elizabeth Taylor in her Waldorf Astoria apartment, it was saved from destruction and relocated here! Like Liz, classically beautiful.
Newly renovated, this crisp and sophisticated space keeps classic details but adds contemporary flair. Your view for dinner is beautiful Manhattan.
Who doesn’t want to wake up to a view of Central Park?
Pass out on the chaise and reflect on how tough it is here on Fifth Avenue.
Your singing voice, which is already stellar, is going to sound marvelous in this serene spa sanctuary.

Guests will ask to stay an extra night when they see this cozy second bedroom!
If they see the guest bathroom, there’s no telling when they’ll leave!
Your meals have fewer calories when prepared in kitchens as clean and sophisticated as these. Top of the line appliances, natch.

This is just a peek! To see the gorgeous maid’s quarters and elegant bathroom that accompanies it, you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Can you guess how much it rents for? Keep reading…

Complete with oversized windows, herringbone floors, and Italian pieces by John Salibello, there is no shortage of comfort and class.

The space rents for $19,500, according to Douglas Elliman broker Dennis St. Germain.

To book an appointment and see it for yourself, email him at [email protected] or call him at 212-702-4028.

For more listing details and contact information, visit his website.

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