An Olympian Swam A Full Pool Lap With A Glass Of Chocolate Milk On Her Head And Everyone’s Impressed

Olympic counsel, please consider making this an official sport.

In order to become an Olympic athlete you have to train for years. Push your mind and body to their physical limits. Strive to never give up. And most importantly, learn to balance a glass of chocolate milk on your head. Ok that last one isn’t really necessary for the Olympics but makes for an epic social media post.

Five-time, Olympic gold winner Katie Ledecky took to Instagram to share a video of herself completing an entire pool lap with a glass of chocolate milk balanced on her head. The pro-swimmer used a snorkel to help her breathe as she Nesquick-ly crossed the pool without spilling a single drop! Calling the lap “possibly one of the best swims of [her] career,”  Ledecky shared that the swim was part of the #GotMilkChallenge on TikTok. The challenge’s guidelines are pretty simple: “Got milk? Time to show us what else you got! Step 1: Pour a glass of milk. Step 2: Do something AMAZING–and don’t spill! Step 3: Sip to prove you still ‘got milk’.” I feel bad for whoever tries to follow this stunt.

The 15-time world champion swimmer is no stranger to chocolate milk. Back in 2019, Ledecky partnered with Built by Chocolate Milk and has shared the benefits of the drinking the choccy drink after intense training. As for the swim that has social media buzzing, Ledecky said “I was like freezing in my core so hard because I can’t move, I had to stay so still.” Oh, so that’s what a core is for!

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