People Are Now Referring To Their Pets As Co-Workers And It’s Hilariously Adorable

Workplace politics have never been hairier.

There was a time when your biggest workplace obstacle was dodging Karen from accounting. You shuttered at the thought of getting caught in the elevator with her. Hearing her tell one more story about her ever growing semi-precious stone collection was what you considered to be cruel and unusual punishment. And now, after nearly two weeks of government mandated isolation, you would kill to be back at work feigning interest in Karen’s newest Andesine Feldspar score. How the times have changed.

What hasn’t changed since the coronavirus quarantines began is the internet’s love for cute animals. Luckily for some, working from home during this time of isolation means spending lots of time with furry friends. All this extra pet time spawned the latest internet trend: calling pets coworkers! Social media is overflowing with #PetsAsCoworkers posts and photos and they are definitely worth sharing!

This disgruntled distraction.

Social distancing be damned.

The anti-social associate.

The smelly snoozer.

And of course, the Karen of cats.

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