TOO HOT FOR TV?The Uncensored Version of The GoDaddy Ad Featuring Supermodel Bar Refaeli Kissing A “Nerd”

Given the things that manage to make it onto your average episode of Two And A Half Men, it'[s hard to believe CBS would shy away from anything racy - but apparently, this uncensored version of the spot features a lot more tongue than they were comfortable with. And with that - a warning - there's a LOT of tongue.

AWKWARD VIDEO: Angry X Factor Contestant Calls Out Young Female Judges For Using Autotune.

Ouch! A contestant on X Factor that apparently didn't pass muster decided to take a jab at the show's young pop starlets Selena Gomez and Britney Spears by sniping about their use of autotune. Simon's reaction is pretty funny, and we get a peek at what we can look forward to from Britney, for better or worse.