FUNNY VIDEO MONTAGE: Posing For A Photo Not Knowing It’s Actually Video

We've all had it happen - posed for a 'photo' only to realize later that the camera was set to VIDEO. Awkward, especially when we go back and see us standing still and smiling like a dork for four seconds. Well, some genius has compiled tons of those awkward moments of people standing still in dorky poses - and it's surprisingly hilarious.

SCARY VIDEO: How “Toy Story” Almost Got Deleted Before It Ever Premiered

It's true... back when it was being put together, someone accidentally hit a code that started deleting all the files for Toy Story - characters like Woody, Buzz... Potato Head... were just GONE. THEN they discovered the backup system wasn't working. Hear how a panic stricken team at Pixar saved months of work and millions of dollars because of one little miracle.

VIDEO: Dad Gets Revenge On Daughter’s Facebook Post Slamming Parents.

You will either love this or hate this. A dad who found a parent-bashing post on his daughter's facebook page gets back at the girl by taping a video response to all her gripes, then posts it on her facebook page for all her friends to see. Watch as he reponds to her claim that she shouldn't have to clean the house, since they 'have a cleaning lady for that.'

The Magic Of Movie Music Never Seemed So Clear

You know how at the Oscars, sometimes they'll show a clip where they've taken away the amazing musical scoring from a movie to show how dramatically different the film comes across? Well, it's hard to say whether this guy had the same intention when he replaced the Jurassic Theme with his own performance of the song, on his Melodica.