VIDEO: Adrien Brody Goes Psycho as a Drug Dealer in HIGH SCHOOL Trailer

John Stalberg Jr.'s HIGH SCHOOL just got it's first full trailer, featuring Brody as Psycho Ed--seemingly the craziest drug dealer a high school kid could come in contact with--and an almost unrecognizable Michael Chiklis as the school's principal (reminds me of Milton Waddams if he had a few more brain cells and major resentment issues).

POP VIDEO: Seth MacFarlane’s TED Gets a Green Band Trailer That’s Even Better Than the Red Band!

Just two days ago, the internet got its first glimpse at what has to be one of the strangest ideas ever put to film: TED. The red-band trailer for Seth MacFarlane's first movie pulled no punches with its crass humor and curse filled dialogue. And now, we have the green-band trailer, which may actually be even better than the red-band!