WATCH: Awesome Hammock Fails.

The best laid plans... in this case, a hammock set up over the water... can sometimes go horribly awry. This fails in a way you're probably not expecting.

VIDEO: Evil But Funny Bungee Jump Prank

Instead of a bachelor party, a bunch of guys played the ultimate prank on the groom. SAYING they were going bungee jumping, they suited him up and cheered him on, blindfolded as he jumped. Instead of falling 50 feet from a bridge, he plunged three feet into a lake. Evil.

VIDEO: Human Slingshot Looks Really Fun, Kinda Dangerous.

Clothing company Vooray teamed up with some crazy daredevil watery types to create this human slingshot. Insanely Fun? Looks like it! Dangerous? Probably. After watching you're likely to say to yourself one of two things: 1) I wish I were doing that. 2) I wish I were young again.