GROUNDHOG DAY: Just How Long Was Bill Murray Trapped…

-by Mike Finkelstein

Happy Big-Huge-Rodent-Comes-Out-Of-The-Ground-And-Attempts-to-Predict-An-Entire-Season-Day (or as it’s called by everyone else…Groundhog Day)!

While the day in itself is important, for many, the bigger association is a certain Bill Murray movie of the same name.  For years, people have wondered just how long Phil Conners was trapped in that tiny town of Punxsutawney…was it a few months, ten years (as Harold Ramis first suggested), or a lot longer?  One man thinks he’s figured it out…

ObsessedWithFilm writer Simon Gallagher took his site’s name to a whole new level and has written an in-depth analysis of just how many days Phil was stuck.  Using clues from the film, such as how long it would take to train to be a ice carver, piano player or card thrower, different quotations, and the basic days shown, we have possibly the most complete view of what the man may have gone through.

The final number Simon got: 12,403 days, or almost 34 years!

Check out the read right here, and try to catch the marathon on ENCORE today to see if you could follow just as well.  And if not, one of the best scenes right here for ya!

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